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The Business Learning and Development portfolio focuses on supporting certified firms and advancing the CCD’s priority of small business equity, sustainability, and growth.


The nine-week BDTA seeks to support small businesses during the lifecycle of its interaction at DEN by providing training at all transitional points of the industry. The BDTA helps these firms have a systematic approach to entering DEN as a subcontractor in the areas of Construction, Professional Services, Goods/Services, and Concessions. The three primary goals of the BDTA are to create, educate, and cultivate an environment where they can grow and connect with other companies and industry groups. The BDTA helps build a pipeline for certified firms, from learning about opportunities to graduating from Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) certified program. As a result of these trainings, DEN will be able to increase the pool of certified firms ready, willing, and able to do work and be successful at DEN.

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Visit the BDTA Program for an overview of the classes and schedule.


This program is managed by the City’s Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) and supports the City's commitment to expanding the capacity of minority/women-owned businesses (MWBEs). In support of that commitment, the Citywide Mentor-Protégé program matches larger firms with MWBEs to assist small firms in developing the necessary skills to scale their businesses and gain educational and networking opportunities directly from participating City departments and agencies.

The Commerce Hub team sets up introductions to various team members in other DEN divisions throughout the season that can assist the teams with their goals. Currently the focus is on construction, design, engineering, and professional service teams. The Commerce Hub team is working on expanding the program for concessions in the 2023 season.

Past Teams


Team 1

Mentor: HNTB Corporation | Protégé: Peak Consulting Group

Team 2

Mentor: HSS, Inc. | Protégé: American Automation Security


Team 1

Mentor: Swinerton | Protégé: Imperial Welding & Repair, LLC

How To Apply For The Next Mentor-Protégé Program

Visit the Citywide Mentor-Protégé Program and learn about the program and how to apply for the next cohort.


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Citywide Mentor-Protégé Program

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