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  What is the Commerce Hub

Commerce Hub acts as a resource for small businesses and champion efforts that improve policy, increase access, and position firms to bid on projects across all DEN departments.


Empowering minority-owned, women-owned and small enterprises to grow their business at DEN by providing guidance and a supportive environment.


Where minority-owned, woman-owned and small business thrive in the prosperity of the airport and the city.

  Services Offered

Giving the certified business community every chance to capitalize on opportunities. Commerce Hub provides professional services through three key areas of opportunity: construction/construction-related services (inside and outside the airport), concessions programs (food and beverage, retail, and services), and goods and services.

Resource Center. Commerce Hub provides education on financial matters as well as specific ordinances, software services, insurance needs, and procurement processes, among other important aspects.

Certification and compliance. Small business programs and opportunities exist at the airport for certified businesses. Commerce Hub will help determine whether certification is right for your business and then refer you to the appropriate agency to guide you through the process.

Outreaching and networking. Through multiple sessions offered all year long, you can connect to industry experts, community entrepreneurs, and Prime companies already doing business in the airport.

Referrals: You will gain guidance, assistance, and solutions to any aviation-related questions or issues through referrals from Commerce Hub to community partners as well as city, state, and federal agencies.

Partnership with the Division of Small Business Opportunity: Our mutual principles in helping small and minority-run businesses works to ensure equal opportunities.


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Small Business Certification and Contract Management System

The Business Development Training Academy (BTDA) will help small businesses have a systematic approach to entering DEN as a subcontractor in the areas of Construction, Professional Services, Goods & Services, and Concessions.

Business Development Training Academy

Check out the outreach and training events we are hosting this includes: Taking Flight at DEN, Meet the Primes and Navigating the ACDBE Program.

Outreach Events and Opportunities

Sign up to become a community panelist subject matter expert on an upcoming DEN procurement opportunity.

Community Panelist Program


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